How to find the right keywords

Research: How to Find the Right Keywords

Research is a little tedious, but it’s an indispensable part of finding the right keywords.

You want to uncover keywords that:

●Have a high search volume (people are looking for the keywords)

●Have low competition (smaller amount of results will mean your chances of ranking higher improve)

●Are supported by your content (the keywords are relevant to your site).

There are lots of tools to aid you in finding the right keywords, the most popular being Google’s Trends.

HubSpot also has its very own Keyword Grader tool, which helps you identify the best keywords for optimizing your site and also tracks results from each one.

This tracking feature allows you to see which keywords are actually driving traffic and leads, and to continue optimizing your keywords over time based on this information.

The truth is that SEO is one of the top tools for better traffic, mainly because it is based on a (somewhat) scientific method. If you can get better at SEO, you can increase traffic to your blog.

How do Keywords work?

Every time someone performs a search, the text on your website comes into play.

Google’s job is to connect those who are performing a search with the content that they want. This means that if your website uses certain terms that Google’s visitors are looking for, Google will become more likeley to match that visitor with your website.

This is why a big part of good SEO is built on the use of important keywords and phrases.

Don’t stop there!

Use your important keywords as you write your post and as you write subheadlines within your post. The more you use them (in a natural way) the better.

You don’t want to get too agressive, of course, but sprinkling them throughout your post is great SEO.

Needing help with your keywords or SEO? 


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